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In biological psychology, awareness2007 describes a human or animal's perception and cognitive reaction to a condition or event. awareness2007 does not necessarily imply understanding, just an ability to be conscious of, feel or perceive.

awareness2007 is a relative concept. An animal may be partially aware, may be subconsciously aware, or may be acutely aware of an event. awareness2007 may be focused on an internal state, such as a visceral feeling, or on external events by way of sensory perception. awareness2007 provides the raw material from which animals develop qualia, or subjective ideas about their experience.

Researchers have debated what minimal components are necessary for animals to be aware of environmental stimuli, though all animals have some capacity for acute reactive behavior that implies a faculty for awareness2007.

Popular ideas about consciousness suggest the phenomenon describes a condition of being aware of one's awareness2007. Efforts to describe consciousness in neurological terms have focused on describing networks in the brain that develop awareness2007 of the qualia developed by other networks.

Neural systems that regulate attention serve to attenuate awareness2007 among complex animals whose central and peripheral nervous system provides more information than cognitive areas of the brain can assimilate. Within an attenuated system of awareness2007, a mind might be aware of much more than is being contemplated in a focused extended consciousness.

When a patient goes for a surgical operation, it is desirable to temporarily make the patient unaware. Anaesthesiologists specialise in this and a major responsibility is to prevent awareness2007 during the operation. This is achieved by giving anesthetic drugs through the veins and through the lungs.

awareness2007 is also a concept used in CSCW. Its definition has not yet reached a consensus in the scientific community.


Global warming is already under way

Global warming evidence is vast and the urgency of taking action becomes clearer with every new scientific study. Some of the most obvious signs are visible in the Arctic, where rising temperatures and melting ice are dramatically changing the region's unique landscapes and wildlife - as well as people's lives and livelihoods. Across the globe, other early warning signs include melting glaciers, shifting ranges of plants and animals, and the earlier onset of spring.

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