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No filter again! Some imporvement again. I hope it helps! I've started new discussion on Check it! There are a lot of information about this phenomenon.


The Google filter caught me. I got out from it for some time but today it has caught me again. Well, let's do some work.


From now on, there are new clocks and timer, which counts down the contest time to end. I added also Google Map, showing mine location and contact info. I installed Web Archive checking link in ranking table.


New features on my globalwarming awareness2007 contest website. I added clocks and timer, which count down time left to the seo contest end. Apart from this, now one can exchange links with me. Backlink to one's site will be displayed on the Links subpage.


I did some improvements, I added some new subpages to my globalwarming awareness2007 contest site. See subpages ranking and excluded web sites


My contest web site is bigger and bigger. I added one blog page about globalwarming awareness2007 too :) It's url address is Blog globalwarming awareness2007. I'll do my best to win!


I added a subpage - the more the better :), some links - it always helps. Today I'am 8 in Google. For Yahoo and MSN I will have to wait couple of weeks. It confirmed that they are very sensitive, especially for new websites in the index.


There were some changes on contest ranking page but today I am on 4 th position on Google and on Score Card page nothing changed :( The SEO team come one! :)


Did anybody noticed that contest ranking on the Score Card page ( is inaccurate? My Google position has changed lately (depending on data center, 14 - 15 position) and there have been no update until now globalwarming awareness2007.


It's almost end of January. My contest web page is index by all search engines included (Google, Yahoo, MSN). It position, number of back links and indexed pages increase slowly, day by day ...


I did some improvements ... Well, I hope it will help me to reach 100 position for globalwarming awareness2007 phrase, at least :) But ... I'm not worried. Weekend is comming! Maybe I'll go skiing? ... It would be nice :)


This is the first news in globalwarming awareness2007 news page! Well, I added my contest web site to couple of search engines, directories, web sites ... We will see if this is enough. Have you notice, that SEO World Contest logo sometimes is not visible and maybe it has significant influence on ranking?

Global warming is already under way

Global warming evidence is vast and the urgency of taking action becomes clearer with every new scientific study. Some of the most obvious signs are visible in the Arctic, where rising temperatures and melting ice are dramatically changing the region's unique landscapes and wildlife - as well as people's lives and livelihoods. Across the globe, other early warning signs include melting glaciers, shifting ranges of plants and animals, and the earlier onset of spring.

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